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This lunation will most certainly activate your sign because Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and Uranus is currently traveling through your territory. You've always had the gift of gab, Gemini.

Venus Mars Jupiter conjunction in Astrology

This, of course, is especially true during Leo season because with the sun, Venus, and Mars frolicking through your chatty third house of rulership for the majority of the month, you'll likely feel as assertive as ever. This area of your chart has everything to do with communication and plans, so it's possible you'll be busier than usual, too.

Jupiter will also station direct in Sagittarius, and your seventh house of interpersonal connections, on Aug. Looking for the right connections? This is an excellent time for partnerships and negotiations.

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Though, with Uranus stationing retrograde via your karmic 12th house of secrets and all things behind the scenes, make sure to pay attention to your dreams and intuition during this time. Uranus Rx is here to liberate you from the things weighing on your subconscious, so make sure to keep an open mind.

Thinking back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. Have your beliefs and faith been tested? You better work, Cancer. The sun, go-getter Mars, and charming Venus are all hovering over your comfort-seeking second house of finances and self-worth for the majority of the month, and you're on top of your financial game like never before. Although, make sure you don't over-indulge on the online shopping, because Venus is pretty ruthless about her desires What's different about your day-to-day routine?

Prosperous Jupiter stations direct via your orderly sixth house of due diligence on Aug. Also, with electric Uranus stationing retrograde in Taurus, and your 11th house of friendships and extended network, it's time you start associating yourself with like-minded individuals. This is nothing for you to worry about, Cancer. Your social circle is simply undergoing a revolution, so make sure to keep an open mind. What have you been investing your time and energy on since the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. Have you signed any important paperwork since?

Shine bright like a diamond, Leo. It's officially your birthday season and you're glimmering with pride. Also, with the sun, Mars, and dazzling Venus traveling through your sign for the majority of the month, you'll be feeling as energized as ever.

In the mood to hog the spotlight, as per usual? This is an excellent time to make an impression, whether it be on your peers or authority figures. Great, because this is also an excellent time for romance and creative inspiration. So feel free to tap into your muse during this time. That same day, rebellious Uranus stations retrograde via your ambitious 10th house of career and authority figures, so make sure you at least try to play by the rules. Uranus loathes authority so you might feel the need to rebel during this retrograde cycle.

Though, besides that, you might also decide to take a different route in your professional life.

Welcome to your November 12222 overview!

Expect the unexpected, Leo. How have your committed partnerships evolved since? What's changed in regard to your general relatability? It's OK to take a break, Virgo. With the sun, Mars, and charming Venus hiding out via your secretive 12th house of dreams, closure, and all things behind the scenes, you'll likely remain incognito this month. Although, with hot-headed Mars blowing off steam via this area of your chart, too, you'll be channeling the majority of your energy into private matters.

Meanwhile, with irresistible Venus sitting alongside Mars, you'll have no trouble expressing your affections behind closed doors. This is an excellent time to embrace your solitude. Lots of sleep is also suggested. Lucky Jupiter stations direct via your domestic fourth house of home and family on Aug. That same day, electric Uranus will station retrograde via your expansive ninth house of education and opportunity, and this transit will inevitably revolutionize your perspective and personal philosophy.

Speaking of revolution, there will be a full moon in Aquarius on Aug. What's changed about your routine since the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. Are your mental, physical, and spiritual health up to par? Expand your network, Libra. The sun, Mars, and Venus are conjugating via your humanitarian-like 11th house of friendships, teams, tribes, and sense of belonging for the majority of the month, and you're thriving in group settings.

What are your hopes, wishes, and dreams like? With loquacious Venus in the mix, you'll likely be making harmonious connections with like-minded individuals during this time. This area of your chart also rules transportation, so you might even decide to purchase a new car! That same day, spontaneous Uranus stations retrograde via your eighth house of sex, power, and intimate unions. This transit is here to liberate you from power struggles and perhaps even revolutionize your sex life.

You might also see a sudden shift in regard to your financial security. This might even have something to do with your partner, considering wound healer Chiron's recent shift into Aries and your relationship sector. If you think back to the new moon in Aquarius that took place on Feb. What about your love life? Don't be afraid to take charge, Scorpio.

The sun, Mars and Venus are hovering over your ambitious 10th house of career, public persona, and legacy in the world for the majority of the month, and you're taking the workplace by a storm. Also, with irresistible Venus in the mix, you'll likely be dazzling your authority figures in the process. Hard work definitely pays off, and with Jupiter stationing direct via your comfort-seeking second house of money and self-worth on Aug. However, it's very important you recognize your worth in the meantime.

Electric Uranus stations retrograde that same day via your seventh house of partnerships. What's changed about your relationships since April? The rebel planet is here to liberate you from everything that's been keeping you stagnant, especially in regard to your one-on-one partnerships. There was a new moon in Aquarius on Feb.

What makes you unique compared to the rest of the world? It's time to take a much-needed risk, Sagittarius! With the sun, Mars, and Venus traveling through your expansive ninth house of education, travel, opportunity, and higher learning, you're likely feeling as restless as ever. Although, let's face it, when are you not hungry for adventure and new experiences? With go-getter Mars taking the wheel, you'll be buzzing with energy, not to mention a smoldering desire for new experiences. Want to know the best part?

Your ruling planet Jupiter stations direct on Aug. What opportunities have you acquired since April? Have you traveled anywhere exciting? The energies this year are all about deepening your faith and opening your consciousness, starting with a Solar Eclipse in your spiritual zone in early January — another matching Solar Eclipse in the last week of will show you how far you will have traveled on this issue this year. Once Uranus shifts into your family and past zone in early March, you may also start to question your roots and to research your past more thoroughly than you have done so far.

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This could be an unsettling experience, but hang on in there, you have so much to gain! Uranus transiting your family zone may also manifest in some shocks and surprises for the home this year — perhaps new arrivals or a change of residence. Reach out into your local community and work with those who need you the most. You may come across as selfish in love this year. In late January, a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your community zone highlights the love you give to wider society and your friendship links in the wider world.

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  • For a while, these are your sole focus. Venus in your own sign in March highlights this rather distant approach, and when argumentative Mars shifts into your passion zone at the end of March, it could become a source of conflict. Watch out for tensions between your family and your in-laws too, especially in July when a difficult Mars-Uranus square encourages frustration and anger. The tensions and misunderstandings of the first half of the year do start to fade away following a New Moon in your love zone in early August.

    Your focus on community projects or philanthropic causes is also reflected in your working life this year. In January, June and September, tricky squares between Jupiter and Neptune highlight how your good intentions could be mis-used by others. Be very careful in your relationships with fellow volunteers or not-for-profit colleagues at these times. You should also take care in March, when Mercury is retrograde in your money zone — this is not a great time to make major financial decisions.

    Get expert advice — and listen to it! Mid-May is a more promising time, with a Full Moon in your career zone indicating recognition or progress at work.

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    Finding meaning in your career is especially important to you just now and you may want to spend the summer months thinking about a career switch into a field you find more significant. Further career progress is likely in the fall. A New Moon in your career zone in late October pushes you ever forwards and when ambitious Mars arrives in this zone in late November, you should have both the energy and the desire to make a real difference to the world.