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Cancer Compatibility

Table of Eclipse Dates from to Daily Horoscopes. Get Susan Miller's Mobile App. If they stay on the sunny side of life, this relationship could be one that lasts. Members of both signs easily fall into moods that cloud their thinking.

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They should give each other space to work things through, to let the waters calm, or to redirect the fiery intensity into productive creativity. Love is very personal here, which makes it meaningful, but each person needs solitude to stay balanced and find objectivity.

Cancer Compatibility - Astrology Companion

Essentially with Cancer, a sideways seduction works better than full-frontal love. Cancers, who are driven by emotions, need reassurance so their insecurities don't get the better of them. Upside: Being loyal friends, loving children, sharing an urge for creative expression with a personal bent.

Element and Quality: Cancer is cardinal initiating water emotional , and Leo is fixed sustaining fire inspired action. Updated December 30, Continue Reading. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. However, Cancer is also one of the most loving and caring signs of the entire zodiac, and they are as wholeheartedly dedicated to protecting their families and loved ones as they are their own sensibilities.

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This makes them ideal homemakers and parents. They tend to be security lovers and highly nostalgic individuals with a great respect for the past and a weakness for objects like souvenirs. When it comes to romance compatibility astrology, Cancer is best matched with fellow water signs, as well as earth signs that often share their natural sensibilities.

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Taurus : Taurus and Cancer are alike in that they share a common need for security and a sense of permanence when it comes to all major aspects of their lives. Both signs are sensitive and attentive to their loved ones, making for an astrology love match that is likely to stand the test of time quite well.

Scorpio : Scorpio can be a prickly love match for many zodiac natives, but this is not the case with Cancer. Virgo : One of the best things about a Virgo-Cancer pairing is the immense capacity for caring that is there. Both Virgo and Cancer are signs that delight in looking after their loved ones, and their union will be a loving one indeed.